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At Guesthouses Lebanon, we pride ourselves on being your comprehensive partner in the field of hospitality and guest experiences. Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through every step, offering a range of specialized services tailored to your unique needs. From initial concept to post-launch support, we provide a holistic approach to hospitality development.

Let us be your trusted advisors as you embark on a journey to create unforgettable and successful experiences in the vibrant regions of Lebanon.

We collaborate with Guesthouse and guest table owners, future hosts, DMOS, donors, associations, ministries and syndicates in the following consultancy services: 

For hosts and individuals

Feasibility study

Assess the viability of the guesthouse project, considering factors like location, competition, and financial projections.

Concept development

Assist in shaping the unique selling proposition and overall concept of the guesthouse, and guest table ensuring it aligns with market demands.

Design Consultation

Collaborate with architects and interior designers to optimize the layout and aesthetics for guest comfort and operational efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Establish quality control measures to maintain high standards in cleanliness, maintenance, and guest satisfaction following GHL / LPC Quality label.

Brand identity

Contribute to the creation of a strong brand identity, including logo design, website development, and marketing collateral.

Post-Launch Support

Offer ongoing support and consultation post-launch to address any challenges and optimize operations. (à long terme)

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure the guesthouse and guest table adheres to local regulations and licensing requirements, providing guidance on legal matters.

Guest Experience Enhancement

Propose activities to elevate the overall guest experience, from check-in to amenities and authentic experiences.

Accounting consultancy and services

Offer accounting consulting to optimize budgeting, pricing strategies, and revenue management.

Team Training

Develop training programs for associates to ensure exceptional guest services and adherence to GHL standards: Hospitality etiquette, Housekeeping, Food safety and sanitation, art de la table, inclusivity and empowerment, rights and responsabilities...

Fixtures and Equipment assessment

Assess FF&E, solicit quotations, and procure from our partner suppliers

Sustainability Strategies

Implement eco-friendly practices and sustainable initiatives.

For the sector

Sector Assessments

Offer Research Consultancy services in the alternative lodging sector.

Business development support

Support in business development for new proposal, grant opportunities

Rural Development Consultations

Provide support in establishing community linkages and engagement

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Nour Azzi

Nour Azzi

Rural Development

Marianne Abou Jaoude

Marianne Abou Jaoude

Hospitality and Team building

Pascal Abdallah

Pascal Abdallah

Sustainability expert

Francesca el Asmar

Francesca el Asmar

Gender and protection expert